Canmore Ice

Canmore Ice

Alberta, Canada

Confession – ice climbing is not my first choice of sport. It’s cold, sketchy and winter/life is just too short to spend it hanging in a harness freezing my ass off in the shade. Especially when I could be out skiing powder. However, it’s one of my favourite things to shoot as it’s so visually interesting. This ice climbing shoot was for a product launch for an insulated climbing jacket in Canmore, Alberta.

More Details

This shoot was for a product launch to the Alpha IS Jacket. With limited time we needed easily accessible locations so we chose Maligne Canyon & Icefields Parkway. It snowed so much up on the parkway while we were shooting that we ended the shoot early due to avalanche hazard.

Project – Alpha IS Product Launch
Location – Canmore, AB
Activity – Ice Climbing
Athletes – Janelle Smiley, Quentin Roberts
Crew – Matt Irving, John Price, Barry Blanchard

Behind the Scenes

A unique part of this shoot was that our safety expert turned out to be Barry Blanchard. Barry is a climbing legend from the Rockies with a deep treasure trove of stories to tell. His grizzly story while guiding a client will go down for me as the greatest grizzly survival story of all time. I cannot do it justice but I have visions of the two of them spending hours swaying in the wind on separate spindles at the top of a big pine tree. It now is my first thought every time I enter Grizzly country.
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